Freeze Warning

April is acting like March this season! A freeze warning is issued for tonight, so we are tucking our babies in under a frost blanket to keep them safe. It was necessary to wait until the wind stopped blowing before starting the process. Yes, they are outside of the greenhouse to “harden off” before going to the field gardens; but still, they are our babies and your future veggies, so under the blanket they go!

This frost blanket is a light as air.

Much has been accomplished in the last few days. The gardens are tilled making the soil light and fluffy. The first Spring garden has the fabric laid and is kept in place with ground staples which requires much bending and stooping and stomping. The fabric helps to keep the weeds down between the rows and and provides a cleaner walking/working area.

Blueberry bushes in full bloom are located at the far end of these rows.

The next step involves laying the drip tape and attaching the drip delivery system to the hose bibs and to our water wells. This is the first of the two Spring Gardens. Both gardens will eventually be surrounded by a seven-foot deer fence. The same process is required for each of the other gardens. Setting up is the first step before planting can begin. We will begin planting the first early greens this week.

This one garden setup was a two-day process.

The potatoes were planted on Good Friday in another garden. Our potatoes are always the first crop to go into the ground. We trust tonight is the last of our really cold nights, but only time will tell. We can protect the plants before they go to the field. After that, we just pray, pray, pray that the environment is kind to us!

It does not show in the photo, but this setup includes three separate strips of frost blanket all clipped together and tucked beneath the plant trays and a couple of rocks!

Meanwhile, seedbed and transplanting work continues in the greenhouse. We are working on eggplant and tomatoes currently. Do not get too excited! We will not have tomatoes to harvest until next August, but some things are worth the wait! For earlier tomatoes, you will need either a patio pot or a trip to the tailgate market. We are growing many, many other veggies for you to enjoy in the months of May, June, and July!