Snow, Sleet, Sunshine, Cold . . .

This has been an interesting day as the weather is alternating between snow, sleet, and sunshine with the precision of a metronome. Lucky for us our plants are still in the safety and warmth of our greenhouse. The first of the plants are growing rapidly and typically would be outside hardening off while the fields were being tilled. However, it is too wet to be tilling the soil, and we saw the forecast for today, so inside they await their adventures in the real world environment.

The top shelf are the largest plants and will be the first to leave the safety of the greenhouse.

We still have numerous seedbeds and transplants in a variety of stages as the greenhouse work continues step by step. The last seeds to be started will be squash, melons, tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers.

The rye which was planted in the field last fall has been tilled under in some of the gardens we will be using. This proved to be a rather muddy job, but we trust in a few more days another pass can be made to loosen the soil in preparation of laying down the fabric and so the planting can commence.

Do not fear! We shall begin planting as soon as feasible. No one is more anxious for fresh greens than our immediate family! How I love our baby collards, chois, and tasty romaine lettuces!

In the meantime, a limited number of farm shares are still available before we start our Annual Wait List.