Friday’s Addition . . .

In the Friday boxes we have red and green romaine and red butter head lettuce, endive, escarole, green and purple kohlrabi, no-so-pretty broccoli and pretty cauliflower. Added this week are snow peas! (I erroneously referred to them as sugar snap peas earlier in the week.) We call these “the Farmer’s Candy.”

Also, starting Friday are a variety of patty pan squash, the oblong green and yellow two-toned squash, and green and yellow zucchini. Here is a photo of today’s harvest. I shall divide them among everyone getting CSA Boxes. Obviously, you will not get much this week. I suggest you dice them up for salad toppers. Or, the chef could saute and eat them before the rest of the family comes home! You can cook all of these in one dish if you like as their flavors mingle well.

These little patty pan squash are just too cute for words!

The plants look great! If the weather holds up, we should be able to have you crying UNCLE when it comes to squashes and zucchini. On the other hand, there can always be another year like last season . . . we harvested them for two weeks before it started raining and all of the plants died! Pray we do not have a repeat of this in 2021.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July Holiday and hold your puppies close. I have yet to meet a dog that enjoyed the booms and bangs of fireworks. Our son’s dog was visiting last weekend and when early fireworks were set off in the neighborhood, I had to cuddle him like an infant–never mind the fact he weighs about 80 pounds!