We strive for a thriving partnership with Nature! So far this season, Mother Nature has been pretty good to us. Those potato plants I posted a picture of last time are even taller and forming a delicious root crop we will enjoy one day. The patty pans and zucchini and cucumbers are looking strong–but nothing to harvest yet. Robert has been mounding and tying up the tomato plants. He had to relocate two, fat male rabbits who were eating to the ground our tomato plants. Never before in our 28 years of farming on this property has this happened. Very strange! And weeding . . . Most of the last two weeks has been spent WEEDING in the garden! Too bad the weeds will just come back in another month . . . but for now our plants have a fighting chance! Did you ever attempt to weed five plus acres by hand?!

Enjoy your salads–like everything else, they will not be seasonal forever!

This week we have red and green romaine and red, butter head lettuce, endive, escarole, green and purple kohlrabi, no-so-pretty broccoli and pretty cauliflower. Added this week are sugar snap peas! We call these “the Farmer’s Candy.”

Eat the entire pod! Or slice and put into your salads to make them go farther.

I found this recipe online. Next time I will make a larger dish because it was even better the next day!

This casserole was even better the second day!