Dancing In The Garden

Friday evening Robert was in the garden when a big buck went running past him on the right and crashed into the blueberry bushes. Then two mares and a stallion went running past him on the left almost knocking him down. Either the horses were chasing the buck–or else, the buck was running from the horses. Either way, it made for some excitement in the garden. Next their owner and our neighbor came running in with bridles trying to catch his horses.

The grass is always greener . . .

These are the horses from the field across the road.  These horses are in retirement and are dressage “dancing” horses.  Perhaps you have seen them performing on television?  I understand most of the breeds used for dressage are from Europe.  In previous years, our neighbor traveled all over the world with these dancing horses!  But now his horses are in “retirement.”  The horses do not get out of their assigned fencing often.  This is the third time that I can remember in 27 years. I think most of the time, they must be very happy in their own pasture.

“Beautiful weeds”

In the box this week look for Italian eggplant and Asian eggplant and sweet peppers–bell and perhaps a long shaped pepper. Some of them are starting to turn red, yellow or orange! Also, tomatoes for slicing and small, round bites of goodness in orange and red which we call “The Farmer’s Candy.” Also, potatoes. We are in the process of harvesting the winter squash, but this week we will still have tomatoes which NEED to be enjoyed. If you find more than you can eat, remember they can be roasted and then frozen for later use.