The Eat Goes On . . .

I did not recognize my Blog when I went to it today to write this entry! I wonder if it has anything to do with the notifications I have been receiving (and ignoring!) from Word Press? So much to do and so little time! Let us see if I can navigate this new layout today . . .

The Farmer’s Candy . . .

The last day of August is tomorrow and we roll into September. I find it amazing how rapidly the year is passing. Our gardens are a weedy mess right now. Truly one would wonder that any veggies had ever come from them! Well, except for perhaps the tomato gardens which are still in pretty good shape.

Tomato plants continually tied up by loving hands.

You can see where Robert has spent hours tying up the plants to keep the fruits off the ground. Of course, the blight has affect some parts of the tomatoes and the beans. Still, this is today’s harvest, so there will be a few beans this week.

Green beans and yellow, flat beans.

The eggplant are beautiful this year! We have received so many comments on how the skins are not bitter at all. There should be plenty more of these beauties coming from the gardens. Oh yes, as with every vegetable, we plant MORE THAN ONE garden!! This is the one hedge we have to keep the pests and blights at bay on at least some of our produce!

Italian eggplant on the vine.

If we did not take this precaution of spreading out our various waves of crops, all of the tomato plants would look like the ones in this blighted section. Unfortunately, the blight spreads on the wind and by one walking through the garden. Simply a fact of Blight! Just imagine how many tomatoes we would have if not for the blight!

Blighted tomato plants still attempting to produce fruits.

In the box this week look for Italian eggplant and Asian eggplant and sweet peppers–bell and a long shape. Also, tomatoes for slicing and small, round bites of goodness in orange and red which we call “The Farmer’s Candy.” There may be beans or potatoes, depending on the day’s harvest. If you find a rare squash or zucchini, it may have come from my brother-in-law’s garden! Although, we still trust our last planting of patty pan squash will produce those yummy treats.

Tomato stuffed eggplant topped with sweet bell peppers! Ready for the oven!

The eat goes on . . . the eat goes on . . . the garden keeps pumpin’ produce to the farm . . . If you are of a certain age or listen to a certain genre of music, I trust you will have this tune moving through your brain for the rest of the day! And I think I can work quite well with this new Word Press format; but, I may make time to go back and read those notices!