2020 CSA Farm Shares Available

Farm and food-production activities have been listed as essential by most state and local governments, but the industry has still been disrupted by COVID-19. Fortunately, we are a very small family farm and have never relied on outside workers to grow, harvest, package, or deliver the vegetables we grow on our farm and sell through our CSA Farm Shares. My heart goes out to those large farms which must deal with the lack of labor right now. I trust a solution is found for them during these unprecedented events. It is a tough time and the disruption is difficult, but we farmers are a resilient community.


Meanwhile, work continues in our greenhouse. It is too wet to be in the fields right now! Just look at how much these plants have grown in the last week. They grow overnight! By the way, I am happy to have the clouds right now. The greenhouse gets VERY, VERY hot when the sun is shining. I think everyone can agree that 110 degrees is extremely HOT.


The next seedbeds are germinating. This will be my project for foreseeable future. I put on some music–my plants and I like ALL types of music–and ZEN out while working. Getting into FLOW is the only way to GO. And when I look up from my task, it is peaceful and relaxing view that awaits me.


CSA Farm Shares are still available for the 2020 Harvest Season. We are ramping up production according to increased demand. However, as I have said before, we need to know NOW if your family wants to be included in our veggie lovin’ tribe/community. This is the planning and preparation time for the production required for our 2020 CSA which will begin in late May and run through November, we trust! Spread the word, please!

CSA Farmer–OUT . . . in the greenhouse . . . !