Planning & Preparation For Our 2020 CSA

Our greenhouse is full of seedbeds and seedlings awaiting transplant.  Indeed, many, many hours are required in the greenhouse this time of the year since we start all of our plants from seed–well, except for the crops which are directly seeded into the ground such as carrots, beets, turnips, potatoes, and beans, for example.  Even our kohlrabi are started from seed in the greenhouse as we have found this method to provide us with the best final crop. This greenhouse work is ongoing through the entire month of May.

20200325_141425 (2) cropped

At the same time, the garden soil must be turned and fluffed.  (Well, they were fluffy–until the rains lasts night.)  This step is done with our tractors.  The remainder of the season is all manual labor.  The ground cover which we plant on must be laid down.  The drip irrigation lines must be laid as well.  Only then can we begin putting our plants into the gardens.  Producing a veggie crop is a long and labor intensive process which begins the first of March so that we can have vegetables for our CSA Boxes starting in late May.  We trust Mother Nature will cooperate this season . . .

If you have been thinking about joining our CSA Community, but have not yet officially joined, we strongly encourage you to do so NOW.  I trust that by listing the many steps required to grow veggies for our CSA Boxes, you will understand why it is imperative that you make the commitment decision NOW.  Each seedling will grow into a head of broccoli or cabbage or lettuce–and if you want us to grow for YOUR FAMILY, we need to have that knowledge NOW during the planning and preparation time of the 2020 season.


One thing is for sure–our plants are growing!  And we expect these plants to provide a crop of delicious, local vegetables as they have every year in the past.  The garden is NOT closed!  And we are certain the weeds will grow and the insect pests will abound as usual.  The possible frosts and rains and droughts will either come or they will not.  Regardless, as your CSA Farmers, Robert and I will solider on.  Uncertainty, anxiety, and stress is OUR way of life on the farm!  However, we have never asked our CSA Members to share these risks.  What we ask for is your commitment to purchase your CSA Boxes for as long as we have vegetables available from our farm to fill those boxes!