Working From Home

We are working from home–as usual. As we know, a lot can happen in a week. For example, take a look at those tiny seeds that were just starting to pop up through the soil one week ago!


From the above photo, you can see they have grown tall enough to undergo the first transplanting into their individual pots where they will stay until they are large enough and sturdy enough to be undergo their final transplanting into the field gardens. Meanwhile, even more seedbeds are being planted and other seedbeds are awaiting transplant to individual pots. And so the manual labor process of CSA Farming begins!

20200316_122035Even these first baby steps require hard work and dedication, but it can be a “zen experience” where one gets “into the flow” of the work. Music helps me. Our plants like all kinds of music–from classical to classic rock and everything in between. Happy Plants equal Happy Vegetables!

CSA Farm Shares are available for the 2020 Harvest Season. Join us!