Constantly Changing

It is interesting how things have changed since we first started farming in the Cane Creek Valley over twenty years ago. There are more businesses dotting the surrounding landscape. There are many, many more houses in the area. And the traffic along Cane Creek Road has increased exponentially!

There are new and constantly changing vegetable varieties as well as changing Produce Safety Rules and requirements. Marketing has even changed. Today we see a shift to e-commerce and online shopping—what is being called the “Amazon Effect.” Our customers are getting younger—or perhaps, we are simply getting older!


On the flip side, much remains the same. The soil still smells sweet in the spring, the creek still flows, the daffodils still bloom in early March, the birds still build their nests, weeds proliferate, and insect pests abound! We continue to operate our small farm as a wildlife sanctuary and do our best to attract the beneficial insects and bees required for pollination. Robert and I are still growing vegetables on our family farm—just not asparagus, but that is another story entirely. We still have various CSA Box pickup sites located around Buncombe County and make home deliveries to various areas. Some of our families have been with us for fifteen years–but we are always looking for more new CSA Members.

Carrots, broccoli florets, red cabbage, onion, zucchini, patty pan squash, potatoes, beets!

As always our CSA Members are concerned about sustainability of food supply chains and knowing who, where, and how their food is produced. Today this is called “traceability” and the word “blockchain technology” is being tossed about. One thing for sure is when your family eats from our CSA box, there is no question about the source of the vegetables your family is eating!


Right now everything on our small, Fairview farm looks perfect! Seedbeds are being started in the greenhouse and transplanting the tiny seedlings will soon begin. The fields are a bit damp at the moment, but there is time for them to dry out before we begin direct seeding and transplanting into the gardens. We don’t know what Mother Nature has in plan for us this 2020 Harvest Season, but we are on our way with our ever present bright and optimistic outlooks.

We have farm shares available for the 2020 Harvest Season. Robert and I would love to have your family join our veggie lovin’ tribe!  Please submit the Join Our CSA form on our website or give us a call if you have questions not yet addressed.