Wrapping Up Week TWO

By Thursday, May 30 all current CSA Members will have received their first box of veggies. The crops have grown in the last week! At the same time, the plants are under the stress of heat. We are irrigating, but the heat will cause some things to bolt. Also, the heat will prevent other things from even growing. The mustard and turnip greens and collards, in particular are cool weather crops–and the weather has not been cool recently in WNC! This makes me sad because I so love baby collard greens!

These first boxes are containing Joi Choi, Bok Choy, Ching Chang, Spring Onions, Tatsoi, and red and green kale. In week two we also added Tokyo Becanna–which looks like lettuce on a stalk (see below).


CSA Farm Shares are available still for anyone interested!