And Two Weeks Even More!

Happy Mother’s Day! Many years we have veggie boxes going out the door by now; however, 2019 is going to be a late start thanks to the Good Friday rains.  Do not worry! I have not forgotten anyone! Each Farm Share Member will get an email before their first CSA Box is prepared!

I always recommend CSA Members read the previous Blog. With most families getting every-other-week CSA Boxes, whatever is said the week before is usually still relevant. And in some cases my Blog Title will only make sense that way!


Thousands of plants have gone into the gardens in the last two weeks! Still not big enough to harvest, but well on their way.


Direct seeds gardens are also being planted, drip irrigation tape laid and fabric being rolled out. In the distance you can see the white poles which hold up the invisible fencing which keeps the wildlife out of the spring garden. A person can be standing three feet from it and not see the seven-foot high fence, but the deer can. It has been a life saver for our crops.


Then there are the repairs to the drip irrigation tape which must be made when the leaks appear. The is always something demanding the Farmer’s attention in the garden.


Meanwhile back in the front yard, we have installed a fence around our strawberries. We don’t know for sure this will work. However, in the past, the chipmunks have been getting more berries that I have, so it is worth a try!

We still do not know our CSA Start Date. Each CSA Member will get a direct email from me when we begin. Keep in mind that we operate on an every-other-week delivery schedule. Thus, it will take two weeks to get the entire CSA up and running once we begin!