One Week Makes A Difference


What a difference one week can make! Last weekend I was too depressed to even write a blog. Everywhere we looked there was water. It is impossible to plant a soil garden in water. The wonderful news to report is that all of the plants we have been starting in our greenhouse were still in the safety of the greenhouse last weekend! Robert just had a feeling he should wait one more week before planting anything in the gardens. Turns out his intuition was RIGHT ON. It was a tough decision. Weeks before he had turned over the soil and it was light and fluffy–just the way one likes to see it at planting time. Then the devastating rains came. After nearly thirty years in this business, he just had a “farmer’s feeling” that he should wait. Of course, this will make the starting of our CSA box delivery a couple of weeks later this season. Please bare with us and Nature.


This week excellent progress is being made in the planting department. Onions, potatoes, peas, sweet turnips, kale, carrots, and beets have been direct seeded into the soil. The first of our many plants are now freed from their tiny, seedbed transplant pots. Once they get into the out-of-doors, they grow in leaps and bounds.


And, yes, we are drip irrigating them into the ground! I know it is difficult to believe this is necessary considering the past couple of weeks. The joy of using water conserving, underground, drip irrigation is that we can put as much moisture as we want exactly where we want it.


The plants might not look like much at the moment; but in about one month, we trust we shall have beautiful lettuce, greens, choi, ching chang, and tatsoi for those first spring salads. And the broccoli, kohlrabi, and cabbage plants will be preparing to form heads!


At planting time, we measure success by the number of empty trays! Each tray holds fifty plants which Robert lovingly plants into the gardens. This is an extremely busy but exciting time of the year. Everywhere we look there is something to do. The blueberry bushes are beautiful. However, blueberries do not go into the CSA Boxes. Our CSA Members are welcomed to come to the farm by appointment and harvest their own. These are late varieties–late August to early September.


We are so glad you have decided to come along on our farm share food journey in 2019! And if you have not yet made the decision to join our band of adventurous veggie eaters, now is the time to make the commitment.  Healthier eating of sustainable, locally grown veggies which are thousands of miles fresher awaits!