The Best Laid Plans

You probably think I am talking about the garden and how disappointed we were with the crops after the 19+ inches of rain that fell in Fairview in the last half of May; but you would be wrong. As you know we have suffered through the first two weeks of June with chois and broccoli which did not meet our desired standards; but we did make it! Actually, today I am crying about the zinnias which I started in the greenhouse for the front yard. We love to come up the hill and see a mass of colorful zinnias filling the yard. We find this a cheery sight which will last through a hard frost. Unfortunately, the GIANT ZINNIAS which I planted are, in reality, miniatures!! I fear it is too late to replant now. Thus, we shall live with a yard full of zinnias of diminutive stature for the 2018 Harvest Season. (Note to self: Toss the remaining seeds in that packet.) (Note to CSA Members: Please bring back/set out your empty CSA Boxes so we can fill them again!)


We are rolling into the third week of June with CSA Boxes. The situation appears to be improving in the gardens! We see tiny cucumbers forming and fifty tomato plants did survive. We will have tomatoes. They will be late. We are anticipating the first patty pan summer squash by the end of June! We have ten different varieties this year. The beets and carrots are growing, but are still oh, so tiny.


In your veggie box this week look for kohlrabi, red lettuce, romaine (that is safe to eat!), escarole, endive, joi choi, kale, onions, snow peas, cauliflower, and broccoli (which tastes great even though the heads did not form and are small). Like everything cauliflower and broccoli do not like too much rain or too much heat. We trust the next wave of broccoli will have more appropriate heads. And yes, there are worms in the broccoli and cauliflower thanks to no spraying.  Extra protein if you don’t take the time to sort them out! Thanks for hanging in there with your Farmers!

Back to the mislabeled flower seed packet–last year our sweet potato starts were of a mislabeled variety. It happens!