2018 Harvest Season Begins!

The first veggie boxes are being prepared for delivery this week which is an exciting time on our family farm. If you did not get veggies this week, you will be getting them the week of May 21. Do not worry if as a CSA Member you have not heard from us!  I am sending out email notices a few days in advance. And if you do not RSVP as I request, I will call you! In other words, you will not be forgotten. Also, remember it will take two weeks for us to get the entire CSA up and running with our every-other-week (EOW) pickup schedule. My Grandson and I were doing a walk through in this photo.


In this angle of the Spring Garden I am peering through the seven-foot deer fence. As you look carefully, you can see the little squares of fencing. This fence is almost invisible to the human eye, but it really gets the attention of the deer and keeps them away!


In mid-May everything is fresh and green. I love the view of the gardens taken by the drone flying high above. From here most weeds appear non-existent–which is a beautiful illusion and a gardeners dream!


The top left garden is the asparagus which does have plenty of weeds and is not doing well in general. As I indicate on the web site, asparagus is a finicky crop. Our asparagus crowns have suffered from too much rain, then drought, too much heat in the summer, then not enough cold in the winter. Over the last twenty-five years, we have replanted thousands of crowns which were not producing to meet our expectations. We have now stopped the mania and our asparagus production is dwindling. It is okay because our gut microbiota and mitochondria want us to eat a variety of local vegetables. This is why we grow close to 99 varieties of veggies. This vegetable variety is the “& Company” part of our farm business name! Asparagus is just a tiny, tiny part of our family farm today.

For anyone interested in my ongoing attempt to grow a few strawberries in my front yard, I have news to relate. We were able to relocate one of the pesky chipmunks who last year ate practically ALL of my strawberries! We are getting a few berries to snack on this spring. I sure hope those little guys are territorial and no other chipmunks find out about my puny patch–then again, they probably have an app indicating where tasty treats are located! Wildlife–gotta love them; but can relocate them! Today I caught an opossum in my Have-Heart-Trap. I am reasonably sure he has not been the critter eating my strawberries, however. And yes, that is a sticker weed growing near my berry plants!


CSA Shares are available.  Now is the time to sign up if you have been procrastinating!