Spring Onions Springing Up

Look at the difference just one week can make– these spring onions are practically growing before our eyes!!


Much progress is being made in the garden.  Look closely and perhaps you can see the seven foot deer fence mounted to the white poles which surround the entire Spring Garden. It is there! The fence is difficult for humans to see. However, the deer can see it quite well and know they are to stay away. A windy day causes it to bellow in and out which makes it appear even more menacing to our Dear Pests.


Your farmer, Robert, is a well-oiled machine. I and everyone else are amazed at how rapidly he is able to plan and plant the gardens. It is not easy labor. If you have any doubts, make arrangements to come over on a 80 degree day and see for yourself!


Today’s overcast weather is absolutely perfect for getting the plants into the soil. Tomorrow is supposed to bring the same. We are pleased! The drip irrigation is operating. Look closely and you can see the damp, dark spots around the plants in the row to the right of the farmer. Our future salads!  I adore Salad Season!!

We do not know yet when the CSA will begin. We will wait until we can prepare a “decent” first box with a good variety of greens. I am guessing about two weeks. Each CSA Member will get a direct call or email when the time for their first box pickup arrives. I will try to give as much notice as possible so your ‘fridge is not full of “store-bought” vegetables. The veggies will be smaller and the total weight lighter in the first box, but these crops grow daily as you will see by your second farm fresh veggie delivery.

If you love veggies and the thrill of edible surprises in your CSA Box, join our family farm for the 2018 Harvest Season! CSA Farm Shares are available.


And yes, the summer gardens prep is also underway. Robert is a fantastic multi-tasker as you will see!