Seedlings Into Plants

The warm temperatures of February and early March caused us all to begin spring-like behaviors.  Many flowers and the Bradford Pear trees bloomed three weeks early, however, that quick snowfall the first weekend in March reminded us that winter was still present. And as CSA Farmers we understand snow and cold temperatures can occur into early May so we shall plan accordingly. Here is a view of the greenhouse covered in snow.


But, today is the first day of spring 2017! Our tiny seedlings are growing into beautiful plants! When looking at each seedbed of over 500 seedlings, I have learned to think about each one as a broccoli head or cauliflower head or whatever vegetable the seedling will someday become. And I have learned to not look far beyond the next seedling–otherwise, the job would appear too overwhelming!


We have spent hour upon hour playing (aka working) in the greenhouse. Also since the first of March, our family has celebrated three birthdays. Time MARCHES on and future  photos will show “plants” which are larger in size.


We do have CSA Farm Shares available. Please call or simply fill out the Membership Commitment form on the web site. We will get back with you right away so  you know you are in our family of Veggie Lovers for the 2017 Harvest Season.