Easy Nutrition Calculator

Are your getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet? For starters you want at least half of your plate at each meal to consist of fruits and veggies. Here is an easy calculator which might help your choices. After you spend three minutes filling it in, you will be given results and recommendations. There is also a button where you can modify your selections and see the modified results instantly. I think it is a FUN and educational tool.


I think the flowers and trees are two to three weeks ahead of schedule in Nature. I guess we will have to get used to “low-country” winters in WNC–not sure how this affects our growing season yet. As a rule of thumb we can expect snow in April and a frost up until May 15. The daffodils are usually okay, but not the blueberries!

Last Sunday Robert started the first seedbeds in the greenhouse, so the show is on the road for the 2017 Harvest Season. And we are accepting CSA Members now . . .