Six Steps to Dinner


Just six steps to prepare this delicious meal. Everyone has time for a healthy meal made in six steps!
Procedure: Wash. Slice. Layer. Drizzle. Sprinkle. Roast.

You are skeptical? I can make my recipe sound more professional.

Ingredients: 1 large eggplant, some patty pan squash, 1 bell pepper, some tomato


(1) Wash the vegetables.
(2) Slice the vegetables to your preferred size, keeping the dimensions about the same so they will cook evenly.
(3) Layer in a baking dish. I tried to make mine look pretty!
(4) Drizzle with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).
(5) Sprinkle with freshly ground sea salt (because it is not processed salt) and freshly ground (organic) peppercorns.
(6) Roast in a (convection) oven. Or baking is fine. Or use a grill.

When the eggplant is fork tender, you are ready to eat. I like to sprinkle feta cheese on top of this dish when serving. It enhances the flavors and (again) looks pretty.

If you want to be less precise, just chop the veggies like this.


Oh, Dear. It appears I ran out of sweet, bell pepper and tomato for this dish. These items are just becoming available. Soon there will be plenty in your CSA Box, we trust.

After a two-week course of cantaloupe and honey dew melons, I believe they are all gone. The first two waves of beans are gone also. Perhaps the third wave will provide some product which will not need to be thrown away due to dampness disease. So sad.

In your box next week look for potatoes, cabbages (red and green savoy), beets, carrots, cukes, sweet bell pepper (green but some starting to turn colors), a variety of patty pan squash, zucchini (green, yellow, or Italian), okra perhaps, and eggplant (either traditional or Japanese).