What Day Is It?

Really? What day is it? Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what needs to be done in the garden that we forget what day it is. Today, however, I am just trying to put the date on this Blog Post, add pictures, and attempting to type without putting two spaces after the end of each sentence. I am told this is the proper method of communication on the internet nowadays; but as a previous copy editor, I am accustomed to having two spaces after the ending punctuation. I wonder if I can ever break the habit?

Robert is dealing with the garden. It seems the dampness and disease have overtaken the beans totally. We can only hope that a later wave will produce for us. Still, I am glad that everyone got beans at least once over the last two weeks of CSA Box deliveries.


The melons are not as sweet as some years. I am not sure why–“just the year” is the best answer I can give. The insect pest population on the eggplant appears to be under control for the moment. Please check out the recipes for our easy methods of preparing eggplant. We do not recommend lengthy prep routines. We certainly do not have time for that as your CSA Farmers! And I suspect our CSA Members do not have the time either.

We roasted some of the first largest okra. I told Robert they were the size to be used for a “crafting project.”  But after a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of ground sea salt and pepper, and some time in the oven, they tasted wonderful. Roast to your desired degree of “doneness.” Very quick, very easy, and no slime!


In your veggie box this week look for eggplant, sweet peppers, cabbage, patty pan squash, zucchini, beets, carrots, cukes, Yukon Gold potatoes, and perhaps okra. Those members who were not offered a “melon pickup opportunity” last week, will also receive either a cantaloupe or a honey dew. Melons are a delicate fruit–meaning when they are ready, they are ready. This is why we called or emailed most members to come for them last week.

I hear–no, I feel thunder and just got a flash flood warning on my weather radio.  We do have a berm between our gardens and Cane Creek, however, they are located in “bottom land” which means all of the water runs off the mountain and into the fields.  This is good in dry periods, but not so wonderful in a wet period. I think I shall eat some of that melon in the refrigerator. It tastes pretty good to me!


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