Crazy Weather

The weather is crazy in WNC. It is like this every year in the sense that nothing can be predicted! The blueberry bushes seems to have made it through the late freeze. There are still buds blooming out and the bushes have been a haven for area bees for the last several weeks. This should make for lots of (late season variety) blueberries for those CSA Members who are brave enough to come and harvest for themselves. We do not put these berries into our CSA Boxes and we are NOT open to the public in general.

I have now finished transplanting seedlings in the greenhouse. Eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes were the last crops I worked on. Robert has made much progress transplanting our vegetable starts into the first spring garden. Each tray has fifty plants in it. One afternoon he managed to put 1,100 plants into the ground–all by himself. Of course, he had made the holes the night before in order to manage this feat. Still, he is a human machine when it comes to getting the crops into the ground!

We did have to put the deer fence up the day after the first plants were set out There were footprints and tracks from our beloved wildlife friends who were quick to nibble. We have a seven foot fence which goes around the entire first garden. It is installed in a manner so that we can move one side and extend the fence around the second garden in time. You will have to look closely to see the fencing on the white poles as it is practically invisible to our eyes, but NOT to the deer!! YIPPEE!!!

I will begin working on CSA scheduling NEXT WEEK. Once I get things arranged, I will be sending emails out to each and every CSA Member with more details. We do have shares available if anyone is interested. Just go to the website Join Our CSA page and sign up. I will get right back to you with an email of acceptance. Spring salads are right around the corner . . .