Our Babies Are Growing

First come the nice, warm days getting us all excited about Springs arrival and then get these cold snaps! I “harvested” all of my pretty daffodils on Friday evening and made a huge bouquet. I will miss seeing them when I am transplanting in the greenhouse this week, but I knew the extended cold would wilt them. I wanted to enjoy their beauty just a bit longer. Perhaps our blueberries will survive this cold weather as they were not all bloomed out yet. Time will tell.

The plants in the greenhouse are growing in leaps and bounds. Robert keeps starting new seed beds and I do my best to keep up with transplanting the seedlings. This stage reminds me having baby chicks to watch over . . . windows open, heater off, mist, then mist again, then windows shut, heater on, and mist again! It is important to start the gardens with strong plants. And we do have some beautiful plants which is one of the first steps in growing vegetables to fill up our CSA Boxes!

The winter gardens have been turned over putting nutrients into the soil. It is still too early for us to plant in the gardens, of course, so Robert has been tackling some multi-floral rose bushes along the driveway and in the woods. This pest has an amazing root system and can quickly take over an area. He does not use chemicals. Robert uses a pick axe! He says it is good exercise!!

This might be a good time to thank the two people who help keep our bodies in working order! The Geberin’s moved to our area after 50 years in practice in San Diego, CA. Victor is a Certified Advanced Rolfer which means he is a master practitioner and teacher of the Rolf Technique of Structural Integration. If you have never heard of this type of bodywork before, you are not alone! We had to look it up to see what it entailed, but Robert and I can both testify that his work is AWESOME. If you want to know how we were helped with our various physical “ailments,” give me a call and I will be happy to share our experiences.

We are grateful for those of our CSA Members who have been with us for nearly thirty years! However, we always have room for new veggie lovers! If you decide we are a good “fit” for you and your lifestyle, join our CSA for the 2023 harvest of fresh, local, seasonal vegetables. We do have CSA Farm Shares available at this time! Feel free to call or email me (Glenda) with any questions.