Longest Day Of The Year

So what did you do today on the longest day of the year and the first day of Summer?! Robert was busy weeding. He is weeding carrots and potatoes and tomatoes and squash and beans and peppers and eggplant and cucumbers and cantaloupe! He is on a fixed goal this week trying to get it all done in order to give the plants a fighting chance to grow. In three weeks one will not even know he did it, because the weeds grow back quickly; but at this moment, it is important to do.

The last garden Robert planted. Note the bean fence on the right.

I worked on our harvest schedules for the month of July. It will be here by the end of next week!! Which reminds me . . . if you have an out of town trip planned please, please, please let us know in advance. We harvest daily for a specific number of CSA Members and once a veggie is harvested it cannot be UN-harvested. I understand that sometimes emergencies happen; but if you are planning a trip, let us know! We can prepare your box early so you can take it with you. Or we can prepare it once you get back into town. Or we can prepare it on your regular day and you can have a friend come for the veggies. We try to be very flexible, but we do expect you to purchase each box one way or the other. This policy is covered in the Frequently Asked Questions on our website.

The potatoes are looking beautiful this season!

In the “boxes” now you will find red and green romaine, escarole, endive, red lettuce, purple and green kohlrabi, broccoli “heads/stalks” or florets, and perhaps a few snow peas. There will be just enough peas to add to a salad in this first harvest as they were drastically damaged by the rain three weeks ago. Fingers crossed the second crop will produce better.

Kitchen Art: It’s what we call that forever stack of dishes drying in the side sink!