Mother’s Day Was Cold

There are changes happening that we have little control over; however, as a food activist, you can control where some of the food you eat every day comes from when you support the Local Food Movement. Our mission at Cane Creek Asparagus and Company aka Cane Creek CSA is to encourage families to prepare and cook and eat seasonal, nutrient-dense foods with mindfulness and gratitude.  We believe doing this together as often as possible will nutritionally and spiritually enrich individuals, families, and communities.

Your CSA Farmers in the Spring Garden on Mother’s Day!

We have been working like mad men—I mean playing—actually, truly working, but we have to keep our minds in the correct place in order to accomplish all that we do.  Thousands of plants started in our greenhouse have been transplanted into the gardens:  cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, tatsoi, ching chang, kale, the “chois” and more!  These first crops can handle cool temperatures at night.  What they do not need is extended periods of freezing temps or hot, dry weather.  The first crops which are direct seeded after the potatoes include peas, carrots, beets, arugula, onions, turnips, and mustard greens. Farming involves the uncontrollable natural environment and is truly a gamble.  We do our best to increase the odds and we have an excellent track record. Still, all prayers are welcome!

We suggest you buy a box of Hefty Jumbo (2.5 gallon) zipper bags. This brand is the largest we have seen. They are easy to open and are big enough to handle anything we will send your way. There are also various “green bags” on the market. The point is you will need some extra-large refrigerator storage bags for the time between receiving and preparing/consuming your veggies.

We are starting the CSA on Monday, May 16.  Emails have gone out to the first Monday and Tuesday CSA Members.  Remember, we are on an every-other-week rotation for harvest and delivery.  If you have not received your email yet, it is still to come. We will give you one full week’s notice before your first CSA Box is harvested. Of course, we would never put anything into our veggies boxes that we had not taste tested! Here is the first salad made from the first 2022 Harvest!

Everything mixed together and topped with dried cranberries and chopped apple!

These first boxes will contain joi choi, black summer choi, ching chang, tatsoi, baby collard greens, kale and perhaps spring onions.  All of these greens can be sautéed slightly in EVOO. However, we typically mix everything together and make fresh salads. To each his own!