A Glimpse of Spring

Today everything is covered in a blanket of snow. One snow storm a year is okay to my way of thinking, but one is enough as I am not a big fan of either snow or cold weather. I long for our rye cover crops to again provide glimpses of green to remind us of the warm spring days to come! The rye is more than a “mental lift” for your CSA Farmers. It is also a habitat for beneficial insects and can out-compete at least some of the ever present germinating weed seeds! If you have studied our website, you know we are not fans of chemicals–whether herbicides or pesticides. We prefer our food to be organic in nature which is why we garden in the first place. And Robert and I consume what we produce!

Many people live in a state of unacknowledged existential fear because they produce nothing they consume. Most people are utterly dependent upon distant, anonymous sources for everything. If nothing else, the pandemic made apparent the problems of factory food production. Robert and I have been growing food for our local community for over twenty years. If you are ready to make a change and follow a new vision, join our CSA and engage in localism. And if not with us, Cane Creek Asparagus & Company CSA, then with another local farm or farmer’s market. WNC is full of opportunities to nurture your local community and build relationships. All food in the entire world should be local food!

I snapped a photo inside our greenhouse on Sunday. The snow covered glass roof provides an eerie Calm Before The Storm that belies the “flurry” of activities which will occur there beginning in late February!

Soon I will be emailing all of our CSA Members from last season and asking for a firm commitment for the 2022 Harvest Season. There may be a blanket of snow on our gardens, but now is the time for prudent gardeners and farmers to be planning how much they will plant in the early spring!