Thanksgiving Gratitude

For Robert and I eating out in a restaurant has lost all its panache.  We just want to be in our own kitchen cooking nutritious, hearty meals with local food –food of which we know the history!  For example, those Fairview turkeys which grazed the area pastures now grace our Thanksgiving table.  Buying local means we know the heritage—sustaining our bodies while sustaining the local economy!

There are plenty of reasons to know your farmers.  Without getting too political, here is an interesting and relevant topic for discussion around the table this Holiday Season.  According to a September 16, 2021 press release, researchers at the University of California Riverside were awarded a $500,000 grant by the National Science Foundation to be used for developing technology that infuses experimental mRNA Covid-19 vaccines into spinach, lettuce, and other edible plants.  Coming soon to your favorite veggies!  If you want to get into ”the weeds” on this topic, I have provided two links below.  Please share.

I shall be emailing all 2021 CSA Members in February 2022 inquiring of your intentions for the 2022 Harvest Season.  We have new members signing up for the 2022 Harvest; but we always reserve the first shares and/or right of refusal for our previous CSA Members.

Sometimes the Elements thwart our gardening efforts.  Hurricane Fred was an unfortunate example of that!  Failures aside, Robert and I are grateful that we are physically able to grow fresh, nutritious vegetables for our local community on our small, family farm.

We are grateful for the ability to laugh and be joyful in spite of personal hardships.

We are grateful for the thousands of people fighting in a multitude of ways to protect and preserve our country, its Constitution, and our Bill of Rights.  Everyone can do some small part each day.

We are grateful for the small business owners who are still holding on to their dreams of independence.

We are grateful that you are a part of our CSA Family.  We know you are dedicated to supporting local farmers, to healthy eating, to the local economy, and to keeping green spaces in Buncombe County. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!