Life At The Bird Feeder

Our bird feeder is an exciting place. The first visitor this morning was our Little Bear who carefully tips it up to pour a few seeds into his mouth. He releases the seed cage and lets it swing on the rebar stand. Little Bear is a happy, gentle creature. I enjoy watching Little Bear. Next to arrive are the birds. Today there are two different flocks. I can identify the yellow Gold Finches as one group.  I am not sure about the second group; however, they are not getting along! There is much chasing and darting and flying about. Oh, they each fed at the trough, but after a bite, they proceed to attack the other group in an attempt to gain control. This activity goes on for hours! The last visitor today is Big Bear. Big Bear seems to be aggressive, angry, and hungry! He grabs the metal stand on which the bird feeder swings and forcefully pulls it down to the ground where he lies on his back tipping the seed cage to take all of the birdseed into his massive jaws.  Frustrated once it empties, he smashes the bird feeder into bits of plastic, grunts, and lumbers away.  I can only assume he is off to create havoc and destruction at another location. It looks as if we need to buy yet another bird feeder. How soon until bears go into hibernation?

In the box this week you can expect our Russet potatoes along with sweet corn, beets, and Vidalia onions.  I love the sweetness of roasted Vidalia onions! And although we do not seem able to grow sweet corn ourselves, there are some suggestions for cooking it under “Recipes C – E” about halfway down the page.

Please remember that beet juice will stain anything it touches!  To remove the pinkish stain from your fingers, try rubbing with salt or lemon juice. Also, ingesting beets will stain bodily fluids of people sometimes. This is called beeturia. The discoloration is due to betalain, a natural pigment found in beets. Not all people experience beeturia.  Just don’t be alarmed if you do!