Cucumbers & Eggplant & More

Last Wednesday we got 1 3/4 inches of rain on the farm. Robert had not irrigated for a couple of days in anticipation of rainfall so it all soaked in nicely. We much prefer rain from the Heavens over using our deep-well, drip irrigation system. Now I hear thunder again. Small amounts we like as long as the sunshine comes out afterwards!

I must relate a story about the cute, little patty pan squash. When presented with a variety of shapes spread out on the kitchen counter a five-year old asked, “What are those?!” His mother replied, “Patty Pan squash.” The child who is already and avid gardener stated, “No, they are cupcakes!” And his three-year old sibling promptly put one into his pocket and carried it around for the remainder of the day! Gotta love the parents of children who have been raised to think of veggies as desserts!

There baby beans and thousands of blossoms on the bean fence! One day we expect to be Blessed with green beans–no strings, just tender green beans.

Robert inspecting the bean blossoms.
The bean fence is covered up on both sides!

The eggplant are looking great as are the peppers. This is but one of the “waves” we have planted. We like to spread our plants out in different areas of the field to ensure growing success.
Here are the carrots and more eggplant.
The carrots are small, but growing!

CSA Members saw the first of the cucumbers in their boxes last week. This coming week will see the first of the Asian Eggplant. They are not plentiful yet, but the are getting started. There may be random escarole and endive. And green and yellow zucchini, zephyr squash and patty pans, and broccoli and kohlrabi?

Baby okra on the plant

Someone asked me about okra. Yes, there will be okra this year. We have not grown it for some years, but this is looking like a good year to start back! Our garden is a joyous place! I trust you enjoyed this brief tour.