Perfect April Weather

The Redbud–a charming, native tree

The daffodils are long gone. The Redbuds are in full bloom. The dogwoods and azaleas will be next as Spring 2021 marches forward. Some people might be unhappy that the weather turned cooler, but for your CSA Farmers this is a perfect and proper April for growing our Spring Garden! As Plant Parents, we move into high gear preparing for a whirlwind season!

Step One–tilling while always being aware of the hose bibs!

The gardens have all been tilled and some of the fabric laid and part of the drip irrigation system put into place. That is the thing with gardening . . . everything must be taken down in the fall and then reassembled in the Spring; but we are well on our way! Multi-tasking and an abundance of energy are a must.

Black fabric and drip irrigation being laid in place

Thousands of plants have been staged out of the climate-controlled greenhouse over the last couple of weeks so they can slowly acclimate to the real world of direct sunshine, wind, rain, and varying temperatures.

Greenhouse “babies” acclimating to the “real world” environment

At the same time, thousands of plants have been already transplanted into the gardens. We are seeing strong root systems and the weather is perfect which means the plants will grow quickly into all those greens which make the first salads! We are hoping that the freezing temperatures do not last long tonight–for the sake of the apple trees and the blueberry bushes! The wind is blowing which will help to keep the frost at bay and our garden is located in a valley. Also, the black fabric will retain some of today’s sun heat which will also help our plants to stay warm (we trust).

First plants transplanted to the gardens

We are not finished with the greenhouse seedbeds either. There are still thousands of seeds awaiting planting and transplanting into their individual pots, however, at least the end of this work is now in sight. Most recently I worked on eggplant and bell peppers; but if you look at the Harvest Calendar, you will see these crops are destined to be part of our August vegetables. Growing a serious garden takes planning, preparation, labor, and time!

How soon until this is a head of broccoli that I can eat?!

Robert and I have been quite busy in April which one might gather by my lack of posting! We trust that in four or five weeks we will have fresh, local, organic veggies to begin filling our CSA Boxes! I will send a direct email to each CSA Member when it is time to start vegetable pickups/deliveries. And once the CSA begins, I will post every week so that our CSA Members have an idea of what to expect in their veggie box.

I am always happy to speak with perspective CSA Members! We do have farm shares available for the 2021 Harvest Season of mid-May through October. We would love to have your family join us! Sign up now for what we trust will be spectacular, healthy seasonal eating in 2021.