Our Greenhouse Babies

We have been busy since I last posted. Those seedlings too tiny to see (as of today 4,220 to be exact–yes, we count each and every one!) are growing quite nicely with strong root systems and are happily transplanted into their individual pots of soil. Each seedling we pray and trust will become a vegetable item for our CSA Boxes. Thus far, we have red and green cabbage, kohlrabi, choi, broccoli and cauliflower. We are frequently asked if these seedlings are our “babies.” The answer is a resounding YES! They require constant attention with regard to temperature and moisture regulation. They are the first thing attended to in the morning and the last thing attended to in the evening.

The process is just getting started and is the first step involved in having the veggies we will one day pack into the CSA Boxes of our farm share members. We have room for another 4,000 plants at this moment. Once that goal is reached some of the oldest “babies” will be ready to move outside of the climate controlled nursery to a location where they can begin to get acclimated to the “real world” of direct sunlight and wind. We are doing our best to raise strong “children” plants which we are optimistic will produce nutritious, seasonal gourmet vegetables!

This is an exciting time of the year for us! A season of renewal and hope and growth. As I look out of the greenhouse windows, I see yellow daffodils dotting the front landscape. The sun is warm on my back–not oppressively hot yet, just exceedingly pleasant. This is the best time of the year to be working in the greenhouse.

We do have CSA farm share memberships available for the 2021 Harvest Season. You can find the sign up form on the Join Our CSA page. We would love to have you join our Tribe of Veggie Lovin’ CSA Members! Submit the form and I will get back to you within 24-hours by email to let you know you are definitely in our CSA. And Happy Spring! By necessity, we start Spring early on our small, family farm in Fairview!