Political Correctness Can Kill

Here I go . . . off topic again . . . but I feel this information, indeed, this truth, needs to be said and needs to be heard and needs to be taken to heart. I gotta say in this instance, I certainly agree with Bill Maher . . . SHAME ON OUR LEADERS AND THE MEDIA for not highlighting THE MOST IMPORTANT THING our country could do in order TO CONFRONT COVID-19. We should all be enraged. I applaud this comedian for having the “guts” to say this. Please watch and share this video.


And KUDOS to all of our CSA Members who are doing their best in trying to eat healthy, local, nutritious food. In addition to being kind to your body, you are supporting the local economy, helping to keep green space in the community, and setting a good example for your children and grandchildren. You are OUR HEROS.

Spring Garden 20200626_175111

In the box this next week look for Italian eggplant and Asian eggplant. Also, tomatoes for slicing and small, round bites of goodness in orange and red which we call “The Farmer’s Candy.” There will be potatoes and onion and perhaps a few beans and cabbage. It is possible green bell peppers will make an appearance this week. If you find an ugly cucumber or a rare patty pan squash or zucchini, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. The cucumber plants are still alive and do have flowers, so there is hope for more in the future. The squash and zucchini which were replanted are starting to grow–so again, there is hope for more of these in the future.


Robert has found it necessary to replant more crops and more often this season than any other season in the last 27 years. This is simply a testament to how cruel Mother Nature can be and has been in the 2020 Harvest Season. Not all has turned out as we would have preferred. Despite this, we are proud of the veggies boxes we have been able to provide to our CSA Members and we intend to continue for as long as possible! Most years we make it until Thanksgiving. One year we made it until Christmas! One year we only made it until Halloween. And ONE YEAR only the month of JULY.  We keep on trying! And we expect you to keep on showing up for your veggies until you get a direct email saying that we are closing for the season. Now for another photo of Troyer’s Country Amish Blatz gardens. Did you know they have B&B offerings and a wedding venue, too?

Troyers Country Amish Blatz Fairview Flowers 20200807_165011

Perhaps before joining a CSA, you did not understand now how the weather–frost, cold, heat, hail, and rainfall–can affect crops and their ability to grow and even their flavor. Perhaps before joining a CSA, you thought inclement weather only meant canceled golf outings, tennis matches, picnics, or how lush your front lawn looked. But you joined a CSA. Perhaps after joining a CSA, you have a deeper understanding of the contentedness of weather to your source of food. Perhaps after joining a CSA, you will even attempt to grow your own garden in the future–in either your back yard or your front yard! No mater what you decide, we are very happy to have you joining us on our Local Food Journey this season!

Welcome to the Garden 20200626_180636