Setting Records

It appears 2020 is turning out to be a season of setting records. First nearly 30 inches of rain by the end of May and now the coldest June temperatures! Our gardens are hanging in there–it is still Spring.  The summer squash, cucumbers and other summer vegetables need warmer temps in order to grow. On the other hand, the Asian greens are happier in the cooler temps! And even better, the white “butterflies” that lay the eggs that become the larvae and worms are kept at bay a bit longer when it is cool!


In the boxes this week you will find Joi Choi, Ching Chang or Black Summer (but not both),  kohlrabi (green or purple), spring onions, snow peas, lettuce, romaine, endive, and kale–either red or green, and either white, sweet baby turnips–or sweet tender collards, depending on the day. FYI we are not growing radishes–you can use these turnips in the place of radishes if you wish.

Collards 20200614_123300

Now a few word on collards. Robert and I were late to the game when it comes to eating collards, however, we have become aficionados. First, we like to buy organic and specialty seed varieties. Next, we attempt to harvest our crops at the growth stage where we can call them Seasonal Gourmet Vegetables! This means small and tender veggies.


This year we will have two varieties of collards–flat leaf and curly leaf. I think the flat leaf has a sweeter stem. Do your own taste test and see what you think.

Collards 20200614_133553

Our collards come in hand sizes.  These are not the type of collards one should boil in a big pot of water! I suppose you may, but I stack the leafs up and chop them. Then we saute/steam the chopped collards on medium low heat in a covered pan in virgin coconut oil with onions for about 20 minutes, slowing turning and mixing, until the stems are cooked and look dark green vs. bright green.

Collards 20200610_142128

Collards 20200610_142202

Wednesday, June 17 UNC-EX, Channel 27 has two cooking shows about greens. At 8:00 p.m. A Chef’s Life will be preparing turnips. At 8:30 p.m. Somewhere South will be making Collard Sandwiches. I have never tried them, but will be watching and may do so!


Finally, when you visit Troyer’s Country Amish Blatz to pickup your CSA veggies, be sure to check out Bonnie’s beautiful orange poppies with purple centers near the windmill cacti. FYI, it it rumored Phillip makes the best Ruben sandwich in the county! Call ahead and he will have it ready when you arrive and even bring it to your vehicle. However, they have so many delightful items inside the store that you might want to go inside and browse their offerings. I can keep your veggies until you are ready to leave rather than putting them into your hot vehicle.