We made it through the first two weeks of the CSA. As we are on an every-other-week rotating schedule, every CSA Member has received their first “bag” of veggies. I have so enjoyed meeting in person and/or talking on the phone with each of you in our CSA Family. I confess that when we meet I see “Last Name, First Name” as my business background and even Quickbooks dictates. We never know from day to day what Mother Nature has in store for our gardens. However, know that Robert and I planned and prepared to provide you with fresh, local, seasonal gourmet vegetables for this spring, summer, and fall. The summer gardens are in the process of being planted as the soil dries out. Here he has planted future summer squash, zucchini, melons, and cucumbers!


The first week we got over four inches of rain, the second week we got one inch of rain. We are looking forward to sunshine during this third week so the soil can dry out and the plants can grow. In this photo you can see the broccoli heads just starting to form up! They are about three weeks from the start of harvest.

20200529_172239 (2)

We had a bear carry off our trash can into the woods and down the hill.  We had a bear eat our bird seed, but this week we had a different bear event. A very angry bear totally destroyed one of the plastic trays which held fifty sweet bell pepper plants. He smashed and mashed and mangled the entire tray and all of the plants! Fortunately, Robert and I always plant extras because we never know when wildlife will intervene with our best intentions. The bird feeder was within a few feet of the fenced-in transplants, but apparently he was in the mood for something green that particular day!


Speaking of greens, your second CSA Box will contain more greens as they are seasonal. Spring is SALAD TIME. Most of the ones you just enjoyed will show up again along with frilly red and leafy purple Asian mustard greens–also, red kale for a different look in your bowl. There will definitely be a Chinese cabbage and endive. And perhaps escarole, romaine or head lettuce. I never know for certain until I see what The Farmer has brought up in his truck from the garden on that particular day; but we do attempt to have at least two weeks of approximately the same veggies for “the box.” In the photo below are escarole on the left and endive on the right! And then there is the Veggie ID Pages under Harvest Calendar. And Garden Angels on the far left and seed packets yet to be planted on the counter on the far right!


A CSA Member shared what she did with the bok choy! Sauteed choy mixed with rice, ginger, soy sauce, cashews, slivered almonds — put on top of an egg with green onions.

From Gail Huber 5.26.2020

I did not have soy sauce or cashews, so I substituted organic Coconut Aminos Garlic Sauce and toasted sliced almonds on top of a fried egg and heirloom red rice served with some of our 2019 Season sweet potato slices. 2019 was a very good year for sweet potatoes! Now it is your turn to get creative and change the recipe to your heart’s desire. And always remember, one can do much with a few leftovers!


Many studies have shown behavior is learned and ingrained over the years and people like to stick to their habits. With that awareness, we trust “eating from the CSA Box” will be the start of new habits and traditions for you and your family. Each and every bite we take has the possibility of providing the nutrients we need to live healthy, happy and productive lives. Robert and I intend to encourage you along this path by introducing you to a variety of seasonal gourmet vegetables grown by the two of us on our small, WNC family farm located in Fairview, North Carolina!