WEEK ONE . . . Farm To Table Fresh!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, food costs increased Month to Month, March 2019 vs. March 2020. It may make you feel better to consider that in the USA we have some of the least expensive food (% of income) in the world even if supply chains can be complicated.
Fortunately, if you are the member of a local CSA, you have a very short supply chain–farm to table! This means you get the freshest vegetables possible and the most nutrition for your family. When in a CSA, you will probably get some vegetables you have never eaten before. Or perhaps you have eaten them in an Asian stirfry at a restaurant, but just never purchased and prepared them in your own kitchen. A culinary adventure awaits!

Everything we put into the CSA Box is edible. You can see after chopping off the stems, I have only about one cup of refuse. If you will wash the ends under running water as you remove them, you will rinse off the majority of the soil before putting the greens into the first rinse water. If you want your water colder, toss in a few ice cubes. Greens looking a bit limp will perk right up!

20200517_154945 (2)
The veggies are smaller this first week, but they are rapidly growing in size and we have decided it is time to begin. Our first CSA Boxes are going out this week! Included will be Ching Chang (spoon-shaped stems), Black Summer (spoon-shaped stems with darker leaves), Joi Choi (whitest stems),  Tatsoi (darkest leaves–it looks like spinach), spring onions, and green kale–maybe some red kale. Wash, chop, and mix all together for the best Spring Salads EVER!
Keep an eye on your email so you don’t miss your CSA Start Up Date. You will be asked to RSVP to the email so that I know you know when your first veggies are being harvested. If you do not get an email this week, you will get one next week. Remember it takes two weeks to get our entire CSA up and operating–so do not think you have been forgotten!