I’d Rather This Be Veggies

Robert was able to get the fall garden clean up accomplished much earlier than usual.  With all of his extra time and energy, he has been cleaning up the fence rows and tearing down climbing vines from the trees.  He is making huge, random piles of refuse in the process.  These piles will not be burned, but left in place for the wildlife to enjoy.  Two truckloads of trash were also gathered.  It seems the back country roads of Fairview are often mistaken for landfills. We much rather see a truckload of vegetables!


Interestingly, Robert did discover an old campsite deep in the cane section of our farm.  It appears one or perhaps two people were either living or hiding out there at some point in time.  Of course, this is concerning to us, but does prove just how dense the growth of cane is!  This property cleanup will not be finished in the near future, but it is a start on a job which will provide many days of vigorous exercise.