Attack of Giant Groundhog!

Garden clean  up is in serious mode at this time. Each item which goes into the garden must be removed at the end of the season. However, by now the weeds have gotten the best of us which makes things sometime difficult.


Yesterday Robert and I encountered an extremely large groundhog who was ripping a hole in the window screen–two screens to be more precise. He apparently was  attempting to get at the winter squash stash which is spread out on racks for preservation awaiting upcoming CSA Box dispersal. We got out the trap and baited it with his favorite organic veggie treats. In the last 24-hours, he has pushed the trap all around the area, but not gone inside. This is not his first rodeo!

This particular critter has been on our radar for some time. This year he did not eat any of the zinnias or other flowers we planted which ingratiated this smelly beast with us. With all of the rains and heat which have contributed to crop failures, I suppose we have had enough wasted veggies in the compost pile to keep his tummy satisfied.  You see, he lives IN our compost pile! We do our best to live with the wildlife and consider our property to be a Wildlife Sanctuary. However, we need to take measures to remove this guy.  And I need to repair a couple of window screens before the heat returns to WNC.

In the boxes look for sweet potatoes–some are beautiful specimens, some less so. Also, either russet potatoes or our specialty potatoes with the golden flesh which are NOT Yukon Golds. (Please forgive me if I keep the name a secret!) We have a variety of winter squash and the last of the sweet bell peppers. If there is anything else, we shall all be surprised.


And surprised we are!  Robert found some eggplant and small, red cabbage for the CSA Boxes this week. When the weeds get tall, veggies can hide!