Hello Hurricane!

Now is the time to keep our neighbors in central North Carolina and the Outer Banks in our hearts! As your farmers, we are happy to hear the hurricane models show Dorian missing WNC. We are Blessed. There have been good crops and not so good this season, but right now we are getting pretty eggplant and colorful, sweet, bell peppers. These peppers have some of the thickest walls we have ever seen. Each one is loaded with Vitamin C and fiber! Saute or stuff them or eat them raw. They are delicious any way you decide to prepare them. Some years the hurricanes do come through and put an end to these late summer treats. We are grateful to be dodging this one.


Along with the eggplant and bell peppers and potatoes and carrots and cabbage and tomatoes and remaining corn and green beans, we have a variety of winter squash going into the CSA Boxes. The following photos will show you an easy way to get into the spaghetti squash which are the most plentiful this harvest season. First cut off the stem end to provide a stable cutting surface. Then cut the squash in half.



Next scoop out the seeds and place the spaghetti squash cut side down on a baking pan or dish. Bake at 350 degrees until the skin starts to brown and a fork pierces the skin–about 20 minutes should do the trick. Then you only have to rake out the flesh into spaghetti strands! Or you can eat right out of shell, if you prefer!! The pulp can be frozen at this stage, too, using a quality freezer bag.



Eat well. We certainly are!