Sum, Sum, Summertime!

We got over two inches of rain recently–which we did not want or need. This is not good for the gardens–just so you know. The squash and zucchini are gone. The melons do not look good now even though they once did. This first wave of corn is as good as it gets–we are pleased. However, the second wave of corn was knocked down by the recent rains. Still the garden is providing a summertime bounty, despite it all.


In the CSA Boxes this week look for red potatoes–some are HUGE; savoy and ball head cabbages; cukes; carrots; green beans; the first tomatoes–depending on the day,  Juliette variety and/or slicers; eggplant in traditional and/or Japanese; a sweet, green pepper; and 6 ears of tender sweet corn–break them in half and you’ll have 12. Note: Steaming for only ten minutes suits us just fine!