Time After Time

Every year we experience some of the same things. Spring turns into summer, then summer turns into fall, and fall turn into winter. We do not know what each day and each season will be like.  However, after over twenty-five years of growing vegetables, we have a general idea of what Nature has to offer WNC and the Fairview end of the Cane Creek Valley. In the middle of winter and freezing temps, we will have some glorious days of sunshine and spring. Indeed, the daffodils will begin to poke their heads up through the soil. Do they know like we do that this day or week is just a brief interlude and freezing temps and perhaps snow will be back soon?


As spring draws closer and the Earth releases the smell of tilled soil, gardeners are overcome with the desire to plant seeds. We have discovered most seeds are best planted in the greenhouse because the cold lingers still. Finally, the day arrives when we move the carefully guarded seedlings from the greenhouse to the garden. No longer is our early toil protected from the elements. Once the plants get their roots into the Earth, they begin to flourish. In short order the first spring greens are ready to harvest.

Once the first harvest commences and the CSA boxes begin going out the door, the spring to summer to fall seasons rush one into another–time after time. The planting of seeds continues through mid summer. We do not plant fall seeds as everyone deserves a break of sorts.

Our connection to Nature is important and part of who we are as CSA Farmers. We welcome new families to join us on our local food journey for the 2019 Harvest Season. We are currently accepting new members and will continue to add pro-rated farm  shares mid-season as the weather and crop production allow. Looking for a culinary adventure with the freshest vegetables available? Join us!