We’re Still Standing, Ya, Ya, Ya

There has been a hodge-podge of mixed veggies in the CSA Boxes recently. Some members received lettuce and escarole which we discovered growing in the weeds! Robert calls this year a Survivalist Garden. The beets are pretty much gone at this point. They never got very large, but one can do a lot with two or three pretty little beets!


We do not see many eggplant on the first wave, the boxes will have them whenever possible. We do have hopes for the second and third waves of eggplant. The peppers are doing better in some areas of the garden than in others. We trust they will increase in September. We are starting to find a very few ripening tomatoes. Don’t expect many in the beginning! The plants are all staked up and looking good. A great deal of effort has been put into the tomatoes. Fingers crossed! We discovered these growing in the weeds!


They are some of the largest melons we have ever grown! The excessive rainfalls can be thanked for this! We trust the sunshine has been sufficient to make them sweet. Use your own judgement as to when to eat them. The melons were weeded clean at one point and then Nature took over and we thought they were lost. The beets on the other hand were weeded many times and you know how they turned out. An interesting year to say the least, but we’re still standing and have not felt the need to close the CSA down! Thank you one and all for hanging in there with your CSA Farmers!


Weeds have been getting a bad rap, so I want to post this photo of our “backyard.” Obviously, there has been no time to use the weed eater. The area is overgrown, but look at the beautiful, purple flowers on these weeds. The butterflies love them!


On a housekeeping note:  We began the season with three (3) labeled boxes for each CSA Member. Presently, I have one (1) box on the shelf. I know some members do not even take the box from the pickup site. However, if you do and you are “hording” CSA Boxes, please return them! And if you have tossed them out, please stop by Ingles and locate clean boxes to replace them. It has become necessary for us to go into the “unlabeled box” part of the harvest season going forward. Thank you in advance for the boxes!