We’re B-A-C-K

The garden growth is really picking up since last weekend when I posted the most recent Blog! The boxes this week have some real weight to them. I feel safe in saying, “We’re BACK!” The CSA Boxes contain Yukon Gold potatoes, onions, red garden beets, cabbage, some zucchini, and abundant amounts of cukes and patty pan squash.

The cabbages are quite small as they were stunted by the rain. Perhaps they next wave will be larger. Then again, many members may prefer a smaller head of cabbage.

Be sure to read about beets on the web site. If you have cooked them before, you know how badly they can stain. And the word for how they “stain” inside the body is called “Beeturia.” While you are on the above link, you can also learn about cucumbers. They are actually a fruit and not a vegetable! We lost the cauliflower, beans, okra, rutabaga, and melons in the rains, but we have high hopes for the rest of the vegetables you will see on this Vegetable Identification page.