Pies, Pizza and Facebook, Too!

Our CSA is totally up and running for the 2018 harvest season. Boxes are including ching ching, Joi Choi, bok choy, purple choy, and tatsoi (better than spinach!) which are all Asian veggies great for salads. Also, purple and green baby kale, Chinese cabbage which looks like green lettuce, red lettuce, spring onions, mustard greens, turnip greens, baby collards. I think the asparagus is done.  It was a bad year for asparagus.


The above is one of our favorites: tatsoi pizza! And below is a tatsoi, baby kale and fetta pie with walnuts!  (AKA quiche)


Either goes well with a tatsoi and choi salad or a bowl of soup! To top this salad, I used the avocado dressing full of “good fats” which I recently posted on the Blog. I know; it is a lot of “green.” But it is all pure energy and Vitamin C–healthy and nutritious and great tasting, too! Eat well; live well.


And don’t forget tatsoi smoothies along with any other green you want to toss in! I put some frozen cantaloupe in this one. Yummy. Robert planted more cantaloupe yesterday. The first wave “fried” in the recent heat wave. I put our smoothies in pint canning jars so they are easy to grab on the way out the door for a boost of quick energy. Energy Boosts are a necessity around here!


Oops! This might be a cherry pie! Farmer Robert needs “edible, sweet rewards” from time to time. Don’t worry, the crust is organic and so are the cherries. And the cinnamon on top is organic Ceylon Cinnamon. Google it. When the Farmers gets a “treat” only the best will do! It is by Simply Organic, but difficult to find. If you want Ceylon Cinnamon, you will probably have to use Amazon to locate it.


If you frequent Facebook, you can also find photos there, too!

Yes, boxes are delivered even on holidays.  The garden does not know a holiday!

CSA Shares are available!