The Spring Garden

We have not transplanted to the garden the plants which we started in the greenhouse. They are outside getting acclimated to the real world, but we have deemed it prudent to slide them into the garage a couple of nights recently. We see no need to risk frost on the tender leaves. We learned long ago that Mother Nature can never be rushed!


Meanwhile, things are being accomplished in the first garden. Drip tape is being laid for the irrigation which we may or may not need this season–still one must be prepared! The fabric is being placed between the rows to keep down the weeds and provide a clean working space. The bean fence has been erected on the far left side.


Eventually there will be a seven foot tall deer fence surrounding the entire Spring Garden. We know from past experience the deer like lettuce, greens, peas and beans the best, so we always fence in these crops. And yes, many of these rows have been direct seeded. The plants from the greenhouse will grow quickly once they get their roots into the soil!

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