250 Million Year Old Salt Expires In 2019

A word about expire dates

~~Sourced from Heartland Health Foods March Newsletter~~

Expire dates are for the most part a joke. They are meant to increase sales and profits.

1) They get the consumer to use it up and come back for more
2) It forces the retailer to mark it down and sell it quicker
3) It allows an escape mechanism for the manufacturer to not stand by its product very long. The first question they ask a complainer is “What’s the date?”

It’s funny how if we find a bottle of something under the ocean of 150 years we can’t wait to try it.

It’s also funny how the government can store a bag of rice under the earth for disaster recovery up to 25 years, but for a package of rice, a lowly store owner get 3 weeks.


Meanwhile in our greenhouse this wild and windy WNC weekend, the first seeds are popping up in the first seedbeds.  Soon I shall be very busy transplanting seedlings!  They have tripled in size overnight! I guess the seedlings really liked the water the Grandson sprayed on them with his squirt gun yesterday!


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