Stuff? Or Grill?

The seasons are changing once again which means the flowers in my yard are changing! Look at my brilliant Sedum Autumn Joy. A gift from a dear friend many years ago.


Vegetables come in all shapes and sizes–especially this time of the year. If your box has zucchini or patty pans larger than you are accustomed to seeing, you have two choices: stuff them or get out the grill and put some char marks on them. Either way they will be sweet–really! The Autumn sun makes the late summer squash and zucchini much sweeter in taste. At least that is what my taste buds tell me. Then again, I try to not eat sugar, so my idea of sweet may be a bit skewed.

Boxes this week have been similar to the past ones. Some will find the first sample sweet potatoes in the mix. If you happen to get small or skinny sweet potatoes, we recommend you skin them and roast them in the oven. Butter if you want, or put nothing at all on them! You will discover the roasting brings out a special sweetness in this veggie, too.


We are about to get through the tomatoes. I have tried to give everyone some green ones for those people who like “fried green tomatoes” once a year! And don’t forget the simplest meals can sometimes be the best. Like this fried egg with sides of roasted peppers and diced tomatoes. Yum!


We are confident we will continue the CSA through the entire month of October–just in case anyone is wondering. However, November may be a selective situation this season. More later on this.