Season Change!

We have reached that time of year when we have a season change in vegetables coming in from the gardens. We are moving away from the greens, but there will still be some  lettuces, romaines, and kohlrabi! To the broccoli and florets we will be adding cauliflower, onions, patty pan squash, green and yellow zucchini, and most likely new potatoes!


The soil was getting extremely hard and dry, but Tropical Storm Cindy brought us a manageable amount of rainfall–for this we are thankful. A little moisture makes is easier to pull the weeds, too. We have plenty of weeds needing to be pulled. And the ones we don’t get out of the ground will become a haven for the beneficial insects!

Yesterday I was outside putting the recyclables into the bin and enjoying the exceptional  warm breeze blowing though my hair. When I turned around, I was startled to see a very small, black bear cub waddling through my courtyard sniffing the flowers. The garage door was between the two of us and I headed directly for it being keenly aware that where there is a baby cub there is usually a very large Mama Bear! I looked out from the safety of the kitchen sun room, but all I could see was a little, black butt running into the tree line. Mama had to be nearby! Perhaps she has two or even three cubs which she is busy corralling. I will be more vigilant when I step outside in the future.

Last summer was the first time we have ever seen a black bear near our house. That one was lazily walking our curved sidewalk also among the flowers until he rested his laurels upon our front stoop. Just what I need . . . more varmints in my flower gardens!