Organic Produce

Just a word about our (not certified) organic produce–the holes in the leaves that you see mean that veggie has been given ‘insect test certification.’ Or as Robert says, if the insects won’t eat it, why would you want to eat it! And, the early broccoli has some worms. If you miss them when you are washing the head, they will show up in the bottom of  your streamer. They are camouflaged, so look carefully! We have an organic input we will try to apply before the next cycle gets started. They always take us by surprise in the first wave–just too many other things demanding our attention. The situation does make one wonder how much spray has been applied to those heads you find in the grocery store!


These are turnips!  Not radishes! You can eat them raw, or boil them, or steam them, or roast them. The same cooking methods as pply to the kohlrabi. Actually, kohlrabi translates into “cabbage turnip.”

Here are some turnips ready to roast. Sweet and yummy any way they are fixed. And pretty, too!


If you are looking for the list of what veggies are in the CSA Box this week, go back one post on this Blog.