CSA Up & Running

We have gone through the first two weeks of the CSA. This means that every member has now received their first veggie box from our farm. We trust you are enjoying your first green salads of the season! Our crops look good despite the ample amounts of rain we have been receiving. The really good news is that WNC is officially out of the drought which has plagued the region for the last fourteen months!


We have decided to not harvest any more asparagus. The spears are quite small as many of the plants are in only their third year of growth and the past drought was hard on them. We trust a long, cool drink of water will make them more productive next season.


The potatoes have shown a growth spurt since the rains arrived. It is easy to see if you compare this picture to the one I posted on May 21. The sweet potatoes will go on the far side of the red, white and russet potatoes. The sweet starts have not yet arrived, but there is plenty of time to get them planted.


You can see the irrigation drip tape in the first row. Apparently, the rains began before anything was planted in this row! Still, as of this moment, we are extremely pleased–all things considered. If it can go right, it will.


Today was dry enough to plant summer squash! In the foreground, the bean fence is waiting to be pulled into place. The white poll in the distance is one of many required for the seven foot deer fence which will surround many of the gardens.

In your box this week look for joi choi, ching chang, bok choi, and a bundle of mixed greens containing turnip, collard, and mustard. There will also be a purple mustard green and purple choi. We have a light green, bitter member of the Chinese cabbage family, and red or green baby kale, and tatsoi.  All can be eaten raw in a salad or sauteed, if you choose. Wash, chop, eat–then repeat.

Please remember to bring back your box!