CSA Up And Running

We got the CSA started last Tuesday–not too late considering the weather card we have been dealt this season. By now all CSA Members have received their email about when to get their first veggie box! Thank you for being patient. It takes us two full weeks to get the CSA up and running with every-other-week deliveries. After nearly twenty years of CSA planning, planting and harvesting, we have found this system to work well for both our family farm and our members.

The important things to remember now are to bring back your CSA Boxes when you come for your next veggie box and to communicate with us! I will try to give  you some idea of what to expect on this Blog each week. There can always be a last minute change, of course. If you have any questions, please call or email us.


These first CSA Boxes will contain Ching Chang, Tatsoi, and two varieties of Choi. Also a bundle of greens including baby collards, turnip and mustard–up until now they have all been green. By next week there should be red and purple added to the mix! The baby kale will be either green or red, depending on the harvest availability that day. The asparagus will always be a green/purple mix.

Don’t forget to check the recipes on the web site. I have sprinkled hints and tips both there and in the Vegetable ID pages.

If you are unhappy with your CSA experience with Cane Creek Asparagus & Company, we want you to tell us. If you are happy, please tell us, too; but then tell everyone else!