How Can It Be?!

Since my last post, thousands of plants have gone from the safety of the greenhouse to the out-of-doors to acclimate with the earlier ones moving on to the garden.


It has been a continual stream of plant movement interrupted with rainfall which has made it too wet to plant on some days. In other words, not our ideal spring. I look wistfully at the outside plants wondering if I could snitch a few leaves for a fresh salad!


The fields are draining properly and despite the mud, thousands of plants are going into the soil–until today, of course! Yes, we are in a serious drought. Yes, we are getting too much rain at the moment. This irony is the life of a farmer.


We will have a late season start in 2017. Meanwhile, the white and pink azaleas are gone and the purple and red are in full bloom–unfortunately, the Sunday-Monday rains are taking their toll, I fear. The landscape is changing. We have empty plant trays as proof!


CSA Farm Shares are available. We will have veggies, just not as early as we had planned. This is the kind of year when our Members are glad that WE assume the financial risk by not insisting upon full payment in advance!